I am Nenne

I’ve always had many names. A zillion pet names. Names my family gave me, my friends gave me, my teachers gave me. I am a very nameable person. My name is Ninitha Koya yet I’ve been very limitedly called that name. I’ve floated between Ninu, Nini, Neenu, Nin, Niko and then most beautifully Nenne. So beautiful cause it was the first thing my 5 month old genius said. Nenne. At that time, we did not realise he was calling me. My Grandmother who heard him say ‘Nenne’ on a loop thought he was calling me ‘Penne’, which is Malayalam for ‘Girl’, not to be confused with the pasta variety. Anyways it was soon clear that it was Nenne and the name has stuck. He turns 3 in a couple of days and though we have days of Mom, Mummy etc, I am still largely Nenne to him and everyone around him.

So this is me, Nenne. I would not have it any other way. 

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