Daddies and Mummies

Z was sick last night. He was burning up at 103 degrees. He was bothered and hot and unable to sleep. Plus he kept having nightmares about dragons stealing his shoes. I know, cause he was talking out loud in his sleep and I was listening. I was watching him trying desperately to sleep. His Daddy meanwhile, was sleeping. Snoring away to glory cuddled under the blankets. And that’s when it hit me, Daddies and Mummies are so different. I might be making sweeping generalisations here seeing as how opinion is based on me and what I’ve heard from friends. If you feel different and know different then let me know in the comments, wont you? I would love to know.

I thought that because we made this little man together, half and half, we would feel the same way about him. I thought it was as simple as that. Turns out I was wrong. Daddies love their kids, just not the way Mummies love them. Z is an outright Daddy’s boy. He cries when Dad leaves for work, he likes to do chores around the house with him and he looks like a Mini Daddy too. But somehow when he falls sick, its as though he knows that Its Mummy who will worry more. He sticks to me.

I dont doubt Daddy’s love for even a second yet somehow he would stay awake all night to fix his car but cant help falling asleep when something goes wrong at home. Are men wired that way? To care more for automobiles and technology? Or are they bowing to superior powers (read Mommies) and letting us take charge? Or are they just being practical, as in what’s the point in both of us staying up? Or am I just worrying too much?

I did ask Daddy about this and received no answer. If anything, my question was completely ignored. I let it pass. Getting an answer for this is not high on my list of priorities. For now!


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