How do I react.

About half an hour ago, as I was making breakfast, my three year old sauntered into the kitchen. He quickly noticed that I was making fried eggs and so came and positioned himself next to the tray of eggs. Z likes to help around the kitchen and so I give him various titles to make himself feel important and more importantly to keep the kitchen mess free. On somedays, he is the Master Stirrer, stirring chocolate syrup into his glass of milk perfectly. On others he is an Egg beater extraordinaire or a Jolly Jam spreader or even an Onion Peel Thrower, meaning he throws the onion peels into the bin. He takes his titles very seriously too.

Today when I conferred upon him the title of Super Egg Passer, he launched into his role headlong. He was diligently handing me the eggs but not before he had whispered something to it. I turned off all the noisy appliances in the kitchen so that I could listen to what he was whispering. Turns out, he was willing every egg he passed on to me to somehow miraculously survive. He kept saying, ” Its OK baby chicks. Don’t worry baby chicks!”

I just did not know how to react.

15 thoughts on “How do I react.

    • Well I tried to but he was not buying any of it. He has picked it up that eggs needs warmth to hatch, so when I kept the eggs next to the cooking range, he was like, are they going to hatch mommy? 😐 😐

  1. I find this absolutely adorable and something I think I was concerned with when I was younger too. I think it wasn’t until we had an incubator in my third grade classroom and hatched our own chicks that I really started to understand how eggs work.

    • I know. I wanna preserve this unadulterated innocence of his which I find absolutely endearing. If only time could go a little slower so that he could remain my charming baby a little longer..

  2. Haha so cute, reminds me of the time my brother would take the eggs out of the fridge and put them on his pillow under a hot lamp ‘hoping they’d hatch’. Naturally as his big sister I crushed his dream into reality and told him there would never be a baby chick coming out of that egg.

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