About Nenne

Cake Addict. Beach Lover. Obsessive Selfie Taker. Mother. Baker. Papaya Hater. Avid Reader. Biriyani Disliker. Wife. Hugger. Constant Ear Worm Victim. Facebook Stalker. Mean Meat Ball Maker. Daughter. Ice Cream Fanatic. Perennially Crazy Hair Person. Dreamer. Hopeless Romantic. Emotional. Former Ray of Sunshine. Messy House Keeper. Cell Phone Misplacer. Constant Evolver.

37 thoughts on “About Nenne

  1. Nenne, thank you so much for the follow it is really appreciated. Hope you had a great birthday to celebrate the 30. My 30th was in Lisbon in a private dining room of a great restaurant, my twin made it over from Holland and it was a good long night…..

    On your birthday post you stated a few things that you had not achieved but stated that you are happy. The last bit is all that matters, how would you feel if you ticked every box but were in an unhappy state?

    Happy Days, may they go on and on. MM 🍀

    • Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome day. I had a fun day too, doing nothing. All my friends raised their eyebrows when they came to know that I did nothing special for my birthday. They don’t seem to understand that as a working Mum of an extremely active 3 year old, doing nothing for a day was above and beyond special for me. I spend the day literally doing nothing. The kitchen was closed and my husband took care of our child. I whiled the day away reading and blogging and generally being up to no good. 🙂 🙂 Oh yes, and I ate cake for breakfast and dinner. SCORE!

      You’re right, its our state of mind that matters. I’ve not checked all the boxes I was sure I would on my 30th, yet I am content and happy. I’d much rather I not tick any box and be happy than have it all and be unhappy.

      Thanks again for your wishes..:) 🙂

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